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Repo is used for version control management since this project spans several git repositories.

repo init -u

To sync everything

repo sync # this may take awhile

To sync a specific sub-project*

repo sync hexgearinc/ryzomcore # sync by repository


repo sync docs # sync by directory

*git-lfs is required for more than one sub-repository.


Note: for Gentoo you will probably need to activate the openssl USE flag for curl before emerging

echo "net-misc/curl ssl" >> /etc/portage/package.use


emerge -av dev-cpp/luabind \
           dev-libs/libxml2 \
           dev-util/cmake \
           dev-util/cpptest \
           media-libs/freealut \
           media-libs/freetype \
           media-libs/jpeg \
           media-libs/mesa \
           media-libs/openal \
           media-libs/libogg \
           media-libs/libpng \
           media-libs/libvorbis \
           net-analyzer/rrdtool \
           net-libs/libwww \
           net-misc/curl \
           sys-devel/bison \
           x11-libs/libX11 \


Requires docker-compose

git clone
cd ryzomcore/dist/docker
docker-compose up

MySQL Hostname

docker inspect docker_database_1 | grep IPAddress

The default password is ryzomcore. This is set in the docker-compose.yml file.

Navigate to http://localhost/setup/install.php in your browser to complete the setup.

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